VTIQ merger to become NKLA!!!

NASDAQ:VTIQ   VectoIQ Acquisition Corp. II

VectoIQ Acquisition Corp. Common Stock, also called VectoIQ, is a blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, recapitalization, reorganization, or similar business combination with one or more businesses. It intends to focus on searching for prospective target businesses to acquire.

This is a very popular pick up and has been a confirm on the rumors that VTIQ will become the public IPO of NKLA ( Nikola ) NASDAQ:TSLA only Competitor in the market. They will be continuing to climb until June 3rd when they switch the IPO over to NKLA and your shares will be transferred over the price it is at when they switch.

My suggestion is to continuously roll up your contracts in case of reverse stock split even though i'm waiting back to hear if this is going back to happen. Looks to gain about 25- 32% everyday!

-GC MAGIC OVERLAY is starting to split even more on the 1 hr time frame signaling very high momentum.
-STOCASTIC RSI is signaling over sold but that's stating the obvious.
-MACD has had 2 small red candles in 3 days.
-% TARGET to be estimated to hit around the $36+ strike might take a dip for a good entry around the current R4 support line


Nikola Motors has already been valued at $3.3B. Based on the number of shares outstanding, the price should be +$100 by the time the merger is complete
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The_OnlyRule bullishmoon
@bullishmoon, wow. praying they don't hit a reverse stock split before then.
kkennethhc bullishmoon
@bullishmoon, big bullish merger hopin it completes by june
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The_OnlyRule kkennethhc
@kkennethhc, June 3rd is the set date. Make sure you purchase the warrants as well
RSI: overbought ;)

But good analysis! I'd love to see it continuing to rise but I don't think 25% every day will be reality... Rather see it consolidate first, let's say at around 50? ;)
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@DaelmanD, haha I just saw that
How do you analyze this company without balance sheet or any earning I believe the stock will go down more