NASDAQ:VYGR   Voyager Therapeutics, Inc
$VYGR - Voyager Therapeutics , Inc. - Common Stock
Initial Alert Price: $8.38
Price High: $7.19
% Gains/Losses: -14.2%
(-29.63% Less Than Expected)
Potential Stop Loss: $6.8305

VYGR is currently trading below our 10% Sell Threshold but we have are watching to determine if the stock breaks below the current support levels around the $7.00 Price Levels. We have an alert set to initiate the Sell Alert to all members moving forward which could potential call us to look in somewhere near -15% on the trade. From a fundamental outlook, the company is doing impressively well with 126.71% EPS Growth YoY, 2674.66% Net Profit Margin Growth YoY, and 25.80% Gross Profit Margins YoY respectfully. So we still have confidence in the company and the stock, so we're holding here to determine what we will do moving forward. #Breakout #Stocks #Trading #Investing #Alerts #StockMarket #Daily #News #Today