WISH Trend Analysis following Earnings

NASDAQ:WISH   ContextLogic Inc
If WISH misses with earnings this upcoming week, technicals and projected fundamentals support a break below valuation in the lower $11 range. With a test of $9.35 for the next earnings bottom range.
It is likely to find support in this range and move back into test range of $11.05 and $12.18 into the following earnings .

If WISH continues to beat expectations and hold progression, they have a future valuation of around $20-$21.

A nice move to set up reaching this evaluation would be filling supply and demand imbalances between $15.50 and $17.50, with retracements back into $12.50-$13.00 for a move into next earnings . Good earnings there would have the equilibrium to test above range of valuation as support, moving into this years full earnings release next year during Q1 2022.
Comment: An update on the channel trendlines-
Following the previously established regression channel and supply/demand triangular areas drawn in original idea.
A support formed within the lowest dip buy triangle (green) would be a good entry for a long term position.
If possible I will wait to see an accumulation range develop between $9.50-$11 with position adds at bottom of the range and profit taking within the supply triangle starting at $11.
This has a very good possibility of developing a projectable trading range into next earnings.