Waiting for Mr Wong

Wong Engineering Corporation was in my watchlist for past few days to see if the breakout was successful. However, it was a bad candle on 9th June to close with bearish engulfing , Let's monitor how the trade goes for this counter over the next few days and see if Wong can still breakout from the neckline of RM1.04. I am very keen on this because of the depth of the cup that is projecting a "possible" price objective of RM1.50 if the cup with handle pattern breakout is successful. Please do remember price objective for depth of cup is always a guideline, as traders we have to monitor the market changes and the trend to help us decide entry and exit points. Always remember this: TREND IS MY BEST FRIEND.

This is by no means a recommendation to buy/sell. The ideas shared here are mainly for educational purpose only. Please consult your financial advisor prior to any investment decision.