NYSE:WPG   Washington Prime Group Inc
The company's stock is in the consolidation stage strongly
The stock is now buy
I do not recommend Stop Loss because you will be taken out by the market makers
I cannot say more details about my strategy as it is very confidential


Are you still bullish on this?
@Jawnclaude welp absolutely fucked
@Jawnclaude, This is a high profit rate deal
I hope that your level of speech is higher than the level of ordinary people, as you are a trader and think the opposite of most people
Jawnclaude SETTOUTI-ahmed-expert
@SETTOUTI-ahmed-expert, I mean we're you expecting bankruptcy when you posted this..I hope you are right that's why I'm asking for insight.
@Jawnclaude, There is no problem, my friend, I am at your service - companies sometimes go bankrupt, but the stock rises - because the bankrupt company is often bought by another larger company or by large investors - for this I do not care about the news, but I care about making money from buying and selling the company's shares - You get me