WPR - Bullish Reversal, nicely set up.

BINANCE:WPRBTC   WePower / Bitcoin
I have been keeping an eye on WPR for several days now and am feeling confident.
We have a nice double bottom after a long down trend.
The green box below is and order block of the weekly lows

I like the R:R on this

All the indicators are primed to move up;
The CCI is getting ready to break the -100 line, and we had a bounce off of the slow line
The MoMo has been waiting for the reversal hanging down below the -10
We have a very nice bull divergence that has formed that we're moving up from.
We have a long way to go to get bullish but there is an 8% move to get to the Kijun wiht a fairly weak cloud above.
We have a nice morning star formation, would be nice to get a close above 282 in the next three hours.

CCI borke above the slow line it looks like it is going to retest then bounce
The MoMo has both the slow line and the histogram moving up, showing that bullish momentum is coming in.
These are mirrored by the small incremental increases in volume per candle.
We have had a convincing close above the Tenkan and a weak cloud above.