WTC/USDT Long Position

30th of June WTC's MainNet will be realeased so I'll be slowly accumulating until then and hoping to ride it up.
Its sitting on a nice, sharp uptrend at the moment followed by an even longer term uptrend not far below it.
I've set multiple buys, laddering downwards outside of the bullflag that we're currently sitting in. If it breaks out
and breaks downwards towards our uptrend line then I also have buys set down there for that.
Hopefully we can hold above the 50 RSI to keep the uptrend rolling.
Apologies for the messy chart!
Trade safe friends.
Trade active: Most of my buys have been hit, a few closer to support are yet to hit, hopefully we bounce off this support and not reject down to our long term uptrend line.


What is your target?
CryptoBloke miguelbarber
@miguelbarber, Hey mate, I have pretty conservative sells set as I don't usually hang around in trades to long. My sells are $2.1790, $2.390, $2.440 and $2.790. Selling 25% at each level.