NASDAQ:WTRH   Waitr Holdings Inc
Demand Zone entry

Entry 1. 01
no Stop
Target1 2.5
Target2 4.2

Risk management is much more important than a good entry point.
The max Risk of each plan should be less than 1% of an account.
I am not a PRO trader. I trade option to test my trading plan with small cost.
Trade active: Buy Covered call
Stock 1.01 x500,
Sold 2023 Jan C2 0.5x5

in next 15 months:
If Price Drops 50% to 0.5, make even.
(2023 0.5 Put Delta -0.11, so, I have 11% probability to lose)
If Price stays at 1.00, make 100% profit.
If Price goes above 2.00, make 300% profit. (C2 Delta =0.7, I have 70% probability to win)