US Steel could pop on USMCA news

NYSE:X   United States Steel Corporation
News of the pending approval of the USMCA trade deal has been somewhat eclipsed by news of the signing of the Phase 1 China trade deal. However, the reality is that the USMCA deal has larger implications than the China deal, since we do a lot more trade with Canda and Mexico than with China. One sector affected by the deal is the U.S. steel industry, because the deal closes loopholes that foreign steelmakers have used to bypass steel tariffs when selling to U.S. manufacturers. That could give steelmaker stocks like X and AKS a nice bump when the media breaks the news of the deal passing in the Senate.

However, any bump in steel stocks may be short-term, because the loophole closure is scheduled to take 7 years to go into effect. So I suggest treating this as a quick scalp play, at least until the U.S. manufacturing sector starts to recover.
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Nothing happened! Or is it still too early?
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ChristopherCarrollSmith blackhatproductions
@blackhatproductions, it may be still too early, or this may just be the wrong steel play. AKS is up 2%, so maybe US Steel just has too many problems so investors are staying away from it.