Gold (XAD1) ETF Trade Updates

Buy when others are afraid ... Warren Buffett said.
I have always followed this phrase and have almost always had region, but I dare to say ALWAYS, speaking of ETFs and long-term portfolios.

We are in a year that will be remembered, certainly the first 6 worst months since the 70s.

I've been accumulating on all my ETFs since early January 2022 and I am sure the market will agree with me.

Now, let's talk about gold , because, unlike the other ETFs that I manage both actively and passively, I manage it ONLY in an active way, knowing its dynamics very well, as I do with oil .

We arrived on very important volumetric support, so on Friday, I went to buy on the ETF that replicates the futures , at 105.26.

The possible landing in area 100-101 marks the second entry level and, for those who do short-term trading, the target I recommend is 115.

The completely anomalous trend of this "refuge" asset continues, which from 2020 instead seems to follow the market.
This may be related to the bond trend, which is making a lot of money recently.

Anyway, I think the current prices are quite interesting, we are more than -20% from the highs.

I will not rebalance my portfolio percentage before I land on all-time highs.

Happy trading
Lazy Bull

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