Bearish divergence on daily and fundamental reasons

FX:XAGUSD   Silver / U.S. Dollar
There is nice bear divergence forming on the Daily chart . Set-up momentum(5) and see it. Shorting now is good move as it will drop down much more. My prediction is $9. The reason is dollar strength.
The fear of dollar collapsing has subsided on Apr-2011 and confirmed on Apr-2014:

Also look at the silver             shortage keyword:
You may correlate with chart historic data and see that the strong bull charge is after a high (very high interest in silver             shortage) and after the top is formed.
It was after the completion of the dollar explosion as dollar denominated assets were sold in large quantities. Only then, and after the completion of the top forming on silver             shortage interest when Silver             gone bullish .
I think that now there will be some shortage because of a support significant area, which according to my feelings - will be broken. As a result a shortage will form, which will be even shorter in height than the previous one.
The real shortage will form after the pending dollar explosion completes.

Dollar has much more to show us. Its only the beginning of "dollar storm" The dollar hasn't gone up nowhere near enough to match the potential it has to do so. The dollar explosion is still pending. I predict dollar index             at least 113 for a very short amount of time.May be months, not even an year. It will take a heavy blow on Oil             , All commodities , fuels, Stocks, everything...

Sell dollars when Silver             reaches 9 and buy Silver             . Silver             will rise over 300% for 10 years. It's undevravalued and will get even more undervalued. Do not buy yet, because the dollar storm which is developing now will bring it down more.