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What is the first thing you learned when you started your journey in the forex market?
I will answer for the majority, Support/Resistance , trendlines , chart patterns and etc

Have you ever asked yourself why is it so common?
When we are introduced to the foreign exchange, we are thrown in a deep ocean with a lot of sharks.
Unfortunately for most of us, get eaten alive by these sharks.
We are thrown in the ocean without any clear context or a clear understanding of who is in charge behind the scene.
It is very easy to get lost in this deep ocean if you don't know where you are swimming to.
You may be diving right into a trap that the sharks intentionally made..

You won't even notice that you are lost.. the ocean is that deep.

Now ask yourself, do you think (you) as a (swimmer) in the ocean have more knowledge than the sharks that had been in the ocean before you came?

As crazy as it sounds, many traders believe they do and this confidence leads them to bad decisions.

New Trader Journey Timeline =
"Searches on the web" ---> "gets greeted with" ---> "learns a strategy" ---> "strategy fails"
---> ---> "looks around" ---> "learns a new strategy" ---> "strategy fails"

Sharks/Devils Timeline =
"Distribute false knowledge" ---> "give a false sense of hope" ---> "plant the trap"
---> "show the chart patterns" ---> "Trader left confused."

Retail Trader Development
(I want to trade) --->(Give me a strategy) ---> (It doesn't work)

Pro Trader Development
(I want to trade) --->(This is how the market behaves) ---> (This is how we will exploit it) ---> (I'm improving)

It's 90% mentality when it comes to trading the market.
You don't make the big moves, the banks do.
You have no control over any move, the banks do.
You are in no position to move the market by any means, banks do.
You are taught this basic information intentionally, by the devils.
You are falling into the traps of the sharks, they show you the patterns you are taught.
You are trading at any set time, you have no real strike time.
Once you understand that (You) are in no control of this market, you will start to think differently in many ways and build an anti-devil strategy.
As much as it is important finding the right entry, it is also crucial to find the right tike to strike.
Stop looking at other traders, because I guarantee you they are also a victim..
Focus on you.
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