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Need one wave up target 1800 Have a look my index analysis All work together Index crash - gold down and after up


Check this :
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"Negative real interest rates make Gold an attractive alternative investment when compared to Treasuries. The fall in real interest rates is lifting Gold which respected support at $1680/ounce.
The Trend Index ranging high above zero indicates buying pressure. Breakout above $1750 would signal another advance, targeting the 2011/12 highs at $1800 to $1900."
Colin Twiggs – in his journal dated 22nd June 2020

Couple this with the fact that:-

"Net foreign purchases of US Treasuries were negative in March (-$299 billion) and April (-$177 billion) according to Treasury data. The Dollar is likely to weaken if this trend continues."
Collin Twiggs – in his journal dated 22nd June 2020

Investment monies have to safely "park" somewhere, and earn yield. If it's not treasuries / nor equities / then its Gold. If there is a serious 2nd wave of Corona coming Autumn / winter, you will see Gold >$ 2000.- This very "threatening" premise looming on the horizon, makes hedgers hold on to Gold portfolio purchases "both Solid & derivative paper Gold".

Corrections are going to be very minor, and shallow to trade.

Take care & Stay safe
Very possible after touching 1800 or maybe 1900 area it will fall hard
Here is my view for shorter term tf
@WOLFXGANG, correct
good view