Multi news pumps brings dump to pair from 1829

FX:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
They've been buying as suggested
Today shows that!

Bulls need to take long legged doji out and the 1800-06 (it's a hammer on m30 )

Accumulation zone broke and today we see the power of it and people being kicked out while other take profit today abit more seller came and jumped in. 1783-80 SL is marked by zone of accumulation since 1806, acted as 1809, resistance. Anything below that related towards today's result.

So I'd expect buyers to pull out or get hit again while I mentioned it had to find direction in 4, months if it didn't we'd fall for that is a long period for a medium term trend to hold and not go nowhere. Gravity keeps hitting her with inflation (10yr yields as dollar want to recover again. It has its days of doing that making it more neutral to bullish as it's changing all is pairs favouring usdxxx

Does this mean we have another term of decrease in pairs that done well to withhold pressure from Corona and all this money lending they've been doing ,(USD printing money to back bonds)

Them giving China gold is another way of upholding their currencies value 🤗🤔(just a thought no talk about)

1833 is something to look at for a final bounce if that wasn't it but maybe if we bounce and make a strong reversal at 1750

Again 1770 is another point of bulls bias to buyup to 1845/1865 but as long as price is choppy from 1803-1900 bears can keep wanting to sell the markets seeing 1888-1840-1835 is strong major resistance ( (support for one another to not make price move further as that's a breakout to new highs after MN TF

Buyers idea
Targets 1900-2075_3000-10000
Buy was the wick on weekly but it was missed as that was an add on. We didn't break the top even thou it seemed. We flat if you look at it from 2000's bottom -2012top

sellers1600-1587 ol target below 1550 can open to 1481-1410-1381 to push it 1300flat
Trade active: 1783.50& 177'80 as that was pushed due to volitility we risk small but in small accounts it's a make or break situation unless you don't mind.
Trade closed: target reached: What a day thanks to a positive retail sales backing up pressure (lost momentum)