GOLD short to support zone

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
The price is unable to break through a strong resistance zone . The price is in the selling zone and I think that bears will dominate in the near future and the price will fall. The goal is support

Traders, if you like this idea or have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I will be glad👩‍💻


You did not hit a single price target for gold since April (that is when you were laughing at my price targets and I started to observe your work). Your price targets are unrealistic most of the time and your analysis is flawed on so many levels. When your expertise is challenged you either fail to argue your points or you just become elusive. You have very bad analysis and very bad forecasts that lack any performance whatsoever. Feel free to go through my work. So far all price targets were reached. But as always I expect you to be ignorant and unresponsive. Thumbs down for your work.

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@Tradersweekly I have been watching her for a long time she fails all the time. I have been taking positions exactly the opposite what she says and i made a lot money of that. thanks to her she fails always:)
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Tradersweekly ygmrsimsek
@ygmrsimsek, I agree. Well, one can consider her contrary indicator I suppose. I think many people keep commenting that on her work but she just reports those comments. Shame that TradingView does not care about performance of its users. All it cares about is quantity of content even if it is absolute nonsense. This flawed design allows people like Lingrid to be popular and simultaneously lack any expertise in the markets.
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braingirl1994 Tradersweekly
@Tradersweekly, Lingrid is a fraud and consistently wrong. The only reason why some people follow her is because they are lonely and desperate. These losers don't realize that she is probably some middle-aged guy posting pictures of a woman to attract more likes.
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Selling is 1810.4 idea today, 1784.7 buy.
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contradicting yourself EUR/USD and gold usd pair, if USD value decline both gonna rise
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Aluicious crypto_devilangel
@crypto_devilangel, truth. It's fine to have a hedged position but you better acknowledge it as a hedged position.
You are consistently wrong.
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look like gold is following the pattern