GOLD / Market Makers Dream / Dump n Run!

FX:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Hello, Traders!
I am selling from Sub Sell Transition for now.
Market after open came first to sell transition!
Yesterday it visited first buy transition and poped up!
Today things can go Vice Versa!

I'll update you!
Trade active: Order triggered at 1269.7

Potential Bull Flag on DXY
Comment: Move SL to BE. We need to break red transition!
Comment: Well you have BE! But I am holding! I have precious Entry, that I do not want to close!
If it breaks up, then I'll close on test back at BE!
Not now! So I am holding the sell!
Comment: 1269.7 broken upwards ( confirmed break ) If you did not put BE on this sell, it is adviced to close it on 1269.7 as it has to test it back before it can go more up if it wants to go!
Comment: 1271.10 is a transition breakout confirmation, if 1271,10 taken out we see 1273.60!
1271 is the key here on transitions!
Comment: Don't worry. Transition will let you close the short at BE. Just calm down!
Comment: Hello! It will be the first time that your transition fail and you will be left out. You shouldn't be so sure that it will come back to test it. It is done! You will lose money as well as followers that trust in your stupid transition system that is just luck, and this time won't work out. Why? Because I work at Goldman Sachs and we are executing orders, so you won't get gold back at 1269.7. I was waiting for this fail! And now you got it!

Oh really?

You see man whers the problem. Problem is there that transitions dont care where you work or what goldman sucks is doing. You just prooved that you are one of those emotional gamblers out there. Highly doubt that you have a job at goldman sucks.
So as it came down to test a transition and gave ppl chance to get out without loss from shorts, I assume goldman sucks is in minus with orders you executed? Drop me couple hundred grand I give you the system.. ;)
Trade active: Holding short
Failed to break out Transition breakout level!
Comment: And remember guys before you write me crap.. don't try to beat transitions. No patterns, Goldman sachs, harmonics or whatever it is beat Transitions. It is not your every day seen that been there system. Peace!
Comment: People.. Gold left 1269.7 again.. what means it again will come back up to see it! lol
Comment: If it keeps falling.. we will get fantastic Buy setup!!
Comment: I really hope we fall down to 1265.00 I close my short there and go for a big lot buy!
Comment: Prepare Buy orders at 1265! If this falls down there, you won't regret it!
Comment: Guys now PLEASE move SL to BE.. I done the same! If it shoots up from here it is not good! I'll be better out and don't hold short!
I hope to get this down to 65 before it sees 1269.7 again!
Move SL to BE! and TP to 1265.5 Either BE Either TP
Comment: Confirmation deleted 1269.7 tested! Buy setup invalidated!
Comment: Gold made sure to test 1269.7 to indicate it does not wan't to go up for now!
As well H was 1267.6 ( always count + 2.7 ) for safety.. so we can say transition is tested.. but If you got Precious entry at 1269.7 you are still in and no BE happened for you! Hold it!
Comment: Now if gold comes back to test broken transition now 1268.1 and goes down to 1265, and does the same.. it is indicating a preperation for DUMP! Hold tight!
Comment: If this does not touch 1268.1 but drops down.. well... we will need to look for buying again.. lol
So let's see what Gold wants to do!
It wants to delete buying signs.. or wants to leave them for us!
Let's wait and see!
Comment: Goldman Sachs with executed orders getting in bigger minus :( ohh.. they need to add more to get up!!
Comment: Hmmm...
Gold did not test 1268.1 yet but fall down.
I placed buy limit back on 1265.
Comment: I hope that this is a joke!
Comment: Guys tell me.. whats up? My buy was not triggered :( How about you? I think we are going to see that 1268.1 test!
Comment: Yaiks!! I opened manually at very bad place 1266.7 because I think we will see 1268.1 transition.. What happens from there will be interesting!
So I will move my buy SL to BE..
As well I closed my short trades!
Comment: So generaly since I opened long gold can drop now.. lol
Comment: Seems that Goldman Sacsh guy is working hard to make transitions fail.. flipped to executing short orders! oh damn..
Trade active: Well 10 minutes till news hit the market...
I highly suggest you to CLOSE the buy and stay out!
Personaly I will hold buy here and see how it goes!
I have no short positions open, only buy at 66.70..

But please be careful if you decide to hold like I do..
I hold for some reasons, if I lose I lose!
Comment: It hit my mid term target
Trade active: This is the reason why I was holding long guys!
You never cant beat the transition! NEVER.
If you go against transition or try to be smarter.. you end up Broke!

I have a target from Transitions that you will see on the chart soon.
When it is hit, tell me!
Comment: Ask yourself a question why I named this Idea Market Makers dream?
Dump and Run?
Look at the chart.
You will see the Dump! And you witness the Run now!

Thank you!
Comment: The Dump and Run is over. I closed my Long position!
I can tell you that now it has to reach back 1265.00 again!
It smashed it upwards like crazy! So it has to be tested!
So we will be looking for sell setup it 1265.00 not reached today!
Because once again it is a transition level. And you know what happens when you try to be smarter than transition!
Goldman Sachs guy maybe understands it now..
Goldman Sachs guy.. Better luck next time!
I am out of market today! Thank you for your support!
And pay close attention of how I name my ideas, it can tell you the picture of what to expect!
Good Luck and till next week guys!
Comment: P.S Goldman Sachs guy just write me he is sorry and was wrong, he wants to learn more.
Very nice! I like people changing mindest and being open minded!
So Goldman Sachs now open orders to reach transitions faster!
Comment: People in Gold chat excited! This is breaking out! That's fine.. but it's sad to see how it falls back to reach transition after breakout especially :(
Comment: People don't get confused with Goldman Sachs guy! It is absolute fake! No Goldman Sachs people will sit here in chat!
Yes and I am Warren Buffett!
It is more than clear he just wanted to sound BIG.. Chill!
Comment: Something is wrong here. We still need a move today up or down!
We need Higher High or Lower Close price... Transitions for Monday need to favour 1256.. They can't be against 1256.
So market need to change High to 1274 75 today.. or need to go lower for Close Price.
I will make a good idea tomorrow explaining you Transition Behaviours. People requesting a lot, so I make this Educational idea with examples!
Comment: I told the Goldman Sach guy we need to see 1265 transition and they executed orders.. And already made back the loses they had by going against transitions today!!
Well done Goldman guy!
Comment: This day and Idea made a Broker ( won't name it not sure they want me to ) call me and ask me for partnership to sell them transition signals as I get them.
That was unexpected.. haha. Broker asking Retail to give Gold signals!
Hard work brings u fruits I guess!
The call from a broker is epic haha congratulations ;) hard work always pays
well Tpp wont be the first i heard of it some bloke did magnetic line trading and was near spot on every time then disapeared obviously the smae sort of thing, they may pay you quite a lot then you dont get all the hassle of folks taht done listen and wait and follow lo
I hope your around for some time enough time for me to build up funds fly over there say thankyou lol
and if you was to disapear it would be good to know how you learned this from being a bob cat driver
congrads man, gold is flowing by ur side..fill up ur pockets when its flowing ;)
Great done TP ! it works it works it works!
Yeag, I agree, we shouldn't be done for today. I'm banking for it go back to 1265 now, but I might be wrong. Pretty sure it just started the downside move, but we'll see.
RamzaBehoulve RamzaBehoulve
Whelp, your transitions are working a bit too well lol
according to my calculations there were two transitions for wednesday 1276.6-1273.1. now it exactly stuck on 1273.1..lets see!
Old transitions CANNOT be Re-used! There are new transitions every day. Wednesday's transitions are not valid!
sulbas TheZabisyu
i keep every day transitions in a week on the same chart. i think it may better to check past. for expl. 1273.1 was well strong holding the up flow at least for now. just my idea.
He did ??? They should purchase ur product
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