BTC washes the dish and washes it, then pulls it again!

BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Bitcoin has been repeating the same rules recently. Some people have gained a lot of positions in this turbulent law.
There is a saying that is good, shock market is suitable for "high throw low suck", but many people often do not know where is the relative high point, where is the relative low point, my unilateral trend system, shock market billing There are also few, because most of the time I think that the high may not be high, I think that the low may not be low, there is a house to have it, not toss.
There were two waves of turmoil last night and this morning. Many people in the community have been chasing, but the results are not particularly optimistic.
Last night, the 1 hour-level cycle broke through, the short-term price broke through 10,200, and the price was stopped. The price of the coin broke through 10,450$ this morning, and it chased more and fell again.
For the current shock market, my view is to enlarge your analysis cycle, based on the 4H cycle, to find the key high and low points. At present, 10450$ is the key resistance zone , and the volume is stable and stable.
Otherwise, the plan will call back to buy more orders. After all, this volume is not fake. The 10112$ line of stacked buying chips is very strong and it is more suitable for long.
So there are only two plans here, buy back or break through important resistance zones to buy! At least cost-effective ~~

Currently in the turbulent trend, the short-cycle analysis of the graphics involved in the chase may not be bothering on both sides, it is better to watch the show.
I wish you all the best.