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Hello my friends!

Still a lot of fear on the street. The Greed and Fear Index has just been at 21. Many Bearish posts are circulating. As you know I am still bullish . For me, the Halving Top has not been reached yet. I understand the last correction as a Main Correction towards a Bullish Accumulation. In 2018 this kind if Main Correction was imo the entry into the bearish downtrend.

For me, there are three possible scenarios:

1. scenario A "Straight up": this scenario is in line with my previous posts. I am convinced that the posts are still valid.

2. scenario B: I call it "Long Accumulation". Here we see more sideways movements over the next few months in the Fib range 0.382 to 0.114. In a Bullish Accumulation, I put the Fib 0.618 at the last top (Wave 3 up to 5). A kind auf Fib Based Extension.

3. and scenario C: "Bulls Explosion" would catapult us to over 200k by March 22.

If you ask me I stick to my primal estimation that we will see the Halving Top July or August 22. Although a longer accumulation with another drop to 35K is possible.

In principle, it makes no difference to me as a Hodler. My target is between 1.618 / 2.618 and 3.618.


Let's see what happens.
Happy trading. 😀



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My Post Apr 15, 2019 (2,5 year ago!). I was one of the first btw. ;-)

Comment: the blue way (B) is more likely. lets see.
Comment: szenaro b: current place ...



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