Bitcoin Whales About To GO CRAZY in THIS Minute... 10K Now?

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NO time, to BS-Talk. Bitcoin is Super interesting right now! And very weird...

We have a really BULLISH sctructure, with a lot of greed and bullish momentum. We have an Ascending triangle if we look at our classical charting, and the bullish volume is increasing again. Also The Market Sentiment is Bullish .

MORE Shorts Than Longs!

BUT take a look at the Long vs Short indicator. Its crazy that so many people are short, with all the bullishness we have going on. BUT the shorts obviously believe its unlikely, that we will go through the very hard resistance.

Very Dangerous Game

The shorts are playing a VERY dangerous game. This could be a pretty easy push here if you are a whale or a couple of whales! They could pretty easily in a such structure PUSH and Stop Hunt and kille the shorts.

Something will happen very soon. And super interesting right now! Lets hope that the bulls in collab with whales will go up!

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Comment: MAJOR Battle as I said. Here is what I see as the most likely scenario.

Comment: I want you to understand the situation! So we went up but got rejected at 9454 USD. We are still having a battle, and it can go both ways, but it doesnt mean that we then are bearish.

The reason for that is, that we are inside an ascending triangle.

The REASON why an ascending triangle is bullish is because we are making Higher Lows (my green arrows) and we are having a horizontal top. Here comes a VERY important TA principle you need to know about - many people are not aware of this:

The More We Touch a Single Pricepoint, the more LIKELY it is that is eventually will break and we will go through

Remember that. Many people think its the other way around. That the price point gets stronger. But that is WRONG.

So: As long as we are in the ascending triangle, the bulls have an advantage.

If we drop below we are still bullish/neutral as long as we stay between my 2 blue rectangles. IF we fall below here, the structure becomes bearish.

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Comment: Once AGAIN! NEW attack from the bulls - what an interesting match right now. They definitely have a chance to push the price higher! We are above 9400 again.

Ill keep you updated, my friends!

Comment: YEES! We are witnessing a CRAZY BATTLE right now, guys! This is like the good old days in 2017 and 2018, where it was really FUN! And D4rkEnergY is really back an are NAILING the charts - it feels wonderful!

We want to go to at least 9496, which is the prior high, but IF Whales really wanna do damage they need to push to at least 9,600 USD where shorts are starting to hide!

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Comment: Boom 9610 USD! What did I say? We did my friends, once again. We make money together. THIS is OUR year.

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Comment: Last update before I go to bed - so we are still following my waves, and it seems like we had an extension inside my 3rd wave extension. If this scenario is right we will now have our 4th wave retracement, which means we probably will have a pull back on 38.2% of the 3rd wave, which is down to 9406 or maybe 9366 where we have a lot of support from the ascending triangle.

Hereafter we should go up again and complete the 5th wave to around 10k.

Comment: The Update is HERE. BTC Officially in Bull Market!


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