BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
If you forcefully enter a position and start trading, you will only lose more in the end.
If you keep the section where you enter the position and the Stop Loss point, I think you can close the position with profit.
1. Entry point: When exceeding the 60344.5 point
Target point: 1st 64351.5 points or higher, 2nd 68358.5 points or higher
Stop Loss: 59008.5 points

2. Entry point: When it exceeds the 69694.5 point
Target point: 72366.0 point or higher
Stop Loss: 68358.5 points

1. Entry point: When breaking below the 59008.5 point
Target point: 1st 56337.5 or less, 2nd 53666.0 or less
Stop Loss: 60344.5 point

2. Entry point: When breaking below the 52330.0 point
Target point: 48323.0 point or less
Stop Loss: 53666.0 point
If you continue to read my article, I think you won't need entry points, target points, and Stop Loss.
I think you understand where the movement begins.

We are trying to tell you easily in a format that anyone can understand.
However, I think whether or not you can proceed with the transaction by digesting it with your own, it depends on whether you have invested a lot of time and verified it.

It's also important to get a lot of profits from short-term strategies, but if you think that short-term strategies increase your ability to trade mechanically, I think you'll definitely start to get good results if you proceed.
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