XDC Xinfin Network comparison to Ethereum fractal

XDC Xinfin Network comparison to Ethereum fractal , like is possible to see i believe that XDC is at the same fractal moment of Ethereum in 2017!

I believe that xdc will start to climb the same way as Ethereum did in 2017.

The TFD intiative consortium will enable to bridge the US$19 trillion trade finance asset class with any type of funder through tokenisation and digital assets.

The TFD Initiative, whose members include major global financial institutions and leading service providers such as ABN AMRO, Santander Asset Management, ING Bank, SMBC, ANZ , Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Texel Group, NN Investment Partners and more, recognises the vital role blockchain will play in shaping the future of the trade finance sector, which has already been successfully implemented in other areas of finance.

I need to remind the TFD initiave consortion is the second consortium to announce XDC Xinfin Network as the principal blockchain ecosystem, the first one was R3 Corda that will live in 2025.

So fasten the belts that this rocket will moon!