XEMUSDT - 2 timing for entry in a flag!

BYBIT:XEMUSDT   XEMUSDT Perpetual Contract
1H trend chart
XEM is building a big bull flag .
In this flag, a short-term downtrend line(the red one) is resisting price.
If price can take the red line out, it's an aggressive entry timing(with high risk)

Better and safer timing to open position will come when the upper down trend line is broken out.
Both entry get same targets, trading strategy as below.
Profit Targets:
a) 0.1915----Fib(1)
b) 0.2074~0.2138---Fib(1.272~1.382)
c) 0.2207-----Fib(1.618)

Stop losses:
a) Depend on the point of break-out
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