BITTREX:XLMUSD   Stellar Lumens / US Dollar
Someone painted a pennant .

Bull target should be length of pole. This pattern occurs often in cryptos and, even though this is a log chart, the rule seems to work well. That puts us around $4 to $5, so let's say $4.20 in honour of Elon Musk .

Max. bear target will be base of pole. Pretty low, can also take a long time getting there.

Not really sure of this idea, so it's high risk. Will build up a position gradually.
Comment: nice breakout for XLM. Could see significant selling at 61.8%
Comment: I lost track of this one. It does look very bullish still, but it is also very volatile so I'm going to look for signs of consolidation / accumulation before entering. XLM is approaching an important resistance zone, should be interesting
Comment: This isn't going to $4, don't know why I said that. If there is a rally after a btc bounce then I suppose 50 cent is not out of the question
Comment: bigger picture chart. interesting how they got rid of those two 2015 candles (see above) that formed the channel so well