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XLM is moving on real news, Ukraine adoption of national currency on Stellar network and Money gram deal witch is very likely to work out.

Ukraine using stellar network will bring massive volumes to the network and will also bring money on to other stable coins for trade, so expect USDC stable coin to massively expand in usage on stellar as trade begins to flow.
Moneygram if purchased - will place stellar in hundreds of countries and adoption of the network by the banking system will be rapid or they will miss out on the profits.

As volume grows on the network it is likely that fees will be increased to make it viable to support stellar infrastructure as a business.
Stellar is proof of stake network and participants that will want to make money on transactions literally need stellar to stake in order create blocks and profit.
To speed up closing time further it is likely that insurance on payments will be added as extra layer, this will allow profit generations for those wiling to stake money to facilitate instant transactions .

There are real pressures on the supply that will drive the price of XLM up, namely - staking, creation of new accounts which all need 1 stellar as well as use in exchange of assets and stable coins.

XLM will be in demand and it makes more sense to lend it for use at good returns than to sell it as network begins to expand.

This network has real world application and I suggest you hold it and not get sucked in to speculative waves, it is designed well and will appreciate in value consistently overtime.
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I am expecting a BTC pullback. To many green days. I also see in your XLM chart a rising wedge pattern. This pattern is actualy bearish.

Wish you best of luck! Hope it plays out in your favour
BTC-XLM Para_bolic
@Para_bolic, Thanks for your corporation