XMR/BTC already tested the downtrend

After dipping, XMR is again close to breaking through the downtrend.
On 1h candles, we can see the formation of a bullish flag-indicator.
After breaking through the downtrend, we can see supports at 0.0261 and 0.027 and 0.03.
Trade active: XMR passed the trendline as well as the 0.0261 support.
The 0.027 was touched.
Trade active: Let's take a look at the development.
Due to the recent BTC instability we see a dip after almost reaching our first short term goal of 0.03 sats.
From th ecurrent perspective it looks like we got a hold at our 0.027 support.

If we look at the charts from a more long-term perspective, we see that XMR is in the process of breaking through the downtrend-line, created by the highs on 2017-08-26 and 2017-12-20 candles.
I'm very bullish on this trade.