XRP ready for takeoff!!?

Xrp versus bitcoin , we have found what seems to be a pretty solid floor for xrp shown by green support and we have been in a confirmed downtrend since early june, but i noticed we are starting to see some life here! Pirce action has broken above the midline on the bollinger bands and we are now looking to grab ahold of that top band to go for a ride upwards, that aswell as the bollinger bands have been squeezing pretty hard on our candles and that means volatility is shrinking but we are due for a massive move, now the bb don't say which way this move is going but i got a feeling looking at other indicators and PA trying to reach that top band we are due for a big move up! Looking at the RSI we have found slight uptrend support and we are curling very nicely to the upside, the real test for xrp will be when the rsi reaches that 50. point midline, we need to blast through it and be able to hold that level if XRP wants to be the front runner in this lagging market, we need that confirmed uptrend to do so! Now the Stoch RSI has also found nice uptrend support with both our blue and orange starting to shoot upwards, we have lots of room to run up until we are considered overbought. Everything for the most part looks great for xrp right now and maybe we could be starting to see a trend reversal for altcoins, a lot of alts look fantastic against BTC right now but as im sure you all know everything is affected by BTC and where BTC heads! Not financial advice just my opinion!