XRP mega bull run -not

If you read ideas about how right now will start a mega bull run on XRP BTC , and you believe in it- u are an idiot.
We have touched and slightly bounced for a channel that was drawn a year ago.
From that last low channel start, we lost more than 30 percent worth of XRP BTC .
Will it bounce right now, yes, for a short time. Will it start a new bull run.
Sure not. Why? Cause we have a ..... wood resistance from here, and we have to breach them and get a bit confirmation that our downtrend has reversed, before we can say: yes, possible bull run.
For an investing perspective, it is time to buy a load of XRP.
Check my profile, go to my twitter , you will find some interesting investing idea, that may come to reality ina next bull run.
That idea will blow your mind for sure.
If we breach 1850, all bull run dreams will fade away.
Right now, aggressive traders may enter with a short SL. But for real: why trade XRP when u can trade BTC?
I will update this idea as I am on leverage investing.
Follow and comment, and come to my twitter
Trade active: as a predicted, we have a 5 % gains on a LONG XRb BTC air with Spot position.
The leverage position has substantial gains.
Leverage traders should move an SL to a no-risk mark.
If there wont be a big BTC move, we should slowly gain a momentum to move up to a resistance line.
Comment: so far so good. even time hits a target.
Trade closed: target reached: outdated already, need to follow another idea.


how's the trading idea doing so far?
exkuji TrailingBlazer
@TrailingBlazer, so far all follows the plan
Bank of america using XRP news will come out soon
exkuji tmelodyman
@tmelodyman, i think we need something bigger and more Fundamental to start a sharp price growth. XRP already work with whole world via bank transfers, but as they hold BAG of XRP, they constant selling it and holds price from growth.