XRPETH has an inverted H&S + volumeSurge

In this recent sell off down to 10K s2r1 Has caused a circus jungle cluster fuck to say the least in terms of the altcoin market cap. Post sell off is always my favorite time to go “hunting” That is looking for obscure pairings that yield more ROI (in some cases in one hour) than your typical entry.

But you know the saying— easy come, easy go.

Do not get greedy and do not FOMO/FUD!

If you have already collected more than 35% + markup on a single entry and you’re an ema forex trader, then Quit while you’re ahead and move onto the next one!

Some other tokens to watch: $MCO $LINK $LTC $IOTA $TRX $ADA

I would not suggest pending against anything other than USD— So if all your TA is pointing towards what looks like an objective entry as mine has in the case of XRP/ETH — then by all means Carpe diem.

Do you know What differentiates a fomo/fud vs. an objective, analytical method?? Research. If all the indicators are present in your head & your thinking a particular entry == ready for a green light then if ur head is telling you to go for it, go for it. DO NOT Change your mind just because some douche with 1 million followers tells you otherwise.

Ultimately it’s your money and they like to pretend they know everything but In this game we are all weathermen and they don’t know anymore than you do—Assuming you know the fundamentals of forex.

With that being said here is my own technical analysis on XRP/ETH (short)

TP1: 0.00146195
TP2: 0.00148855

Stop @ 0.00142248

Not financial advise. Pairings against other coins/tokens are not encouraged and I would steer away from them unless you really know what you’re doing. We are already dealing with the most volatile & valuable global marketcap/asset (that’s BTC alone!) that never closes— This whole game is high risk high reward so don’t take any more unnecessary risks.

Set a stop loss and be prepared to shortsell.