XRPUSD Macro Trend Projections

This chart was created to use a tool to collaborate based on prior market structure if all things were equal. However we all know other fundamentals will change the future of price movement. Measured moves from previous ATH's were taken to make these hypothetical projections. I have attempted to triangulate the distance of time, based on the significant elevation in price. I have created channel lines to help create these projections as an aid. They could be inaccurate or not precise while I drafted this chart (seen in solid purple, dashed gold and solid red).

In this chart you will see the hypothetical place of where we are in the 2015/2016 xrp market cycle. To determine this position I used the following moving averages 50EMA, 100EMA, 200EMA and 20 MA. Additionally I have correlated the MACD as another comparison to where is would suggest the same movement. Another indicator was following all of the death and golden crosses of the 2015/2016 cycle with the 2018/2019 cycle. You will notice this has happened 4 times in 2015/2016 and we are fast approaching the second golden cross in the coming weeks. My question is once we observe the 4th death cross, is that when we would expect to see this next mini moon shot to roughly $30+ ?

If we are indeed positioned at the "You Are Here" label it would be suggested we are about 1 year from this speculative moon shot to arrive around June 2020. I would expect XRP price to elevate over time as BTC holds market dominance pulling it upwards over this current time period.

I am not a TA expert, this is my first published chart enjoy!

This is not financial advice, only used for educational and collaboration use only.