XRP Bull Breaker - 7.77:1 Short + Longterm Forecast

I just finished a complete overhaul of my XRPUSD chart, a portion of which is on display here in order to publish my medium and long range forecasts for this most “distributive” of digital assets. If you are a long term Bull, you won’t like it, and yet since I operate by the Steel Man principle, I welcome your toughest questions and chart-based counter-arguments.

As I always, I strive to render my ideas so that I need no words to explain them, although I can (and do) write detailed paragraphs (elsewhere).

Anyways, in the short term, I expect price to fall below the $0.3785 shown here (purely for the 7.77 R-Value) down to ~ $0.34, then to ~ $0.28 in the medium term and finally to ~ $0.22 at or near the next BTC Halving event.

From there your eye leads up to the Trend Exhaustion Limit and retraces until the end of 2025. Three years later, if my forecast is correct, there will be a final speculative peak, after which price should level off to some stable range of intrinsic value of ~ $5.89 throughout the next decade.

Obviously, this chart is not tradable, per se, and serves instead as an an introduction and reference point for lower timeframe ideas and videos I intend to publish. The complete chart has many granular details for targeting stop losses, and new details will be constantly updated (and erased) as price action unfolds.

Until then, be liquid!

Adrian Dyer,
Chief Strategist and Impresario at The Leading Indicator