XRPUSD: Sideways at Worst; Upward at Best to at Least Mid Dec.

Hi Everyone! Apologies this took so long. TradingView is having issues with its Video Publication Uploading process for whatever reason. I got tired of waiting after 20 minutes to see if the previous video would upload for publishing but would not. So, I did this new one. It's not as good as the previous 20 minute video I did but sufficient enough to get my point across. What point? That upward pressure continues at least to mid December, 2020 and we should expect sideways price action at worst and upward price action at best from now until mid December.

We still have a good chance of running up to the 3.618 (Around $1.50) by mid December, 2020 before we begin to see the potential for exhaustion of our current upward pressure in the higher time frames.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

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In case some of you did not watch the video; "Sideways at worst = $0.60 to $0.72" like I said in the video.
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90-Minute Time Frame:


champion for doing the video again after the loss of 40min! Thats a part of being awesome!
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Hi David, thank you for sharing xrp. What is the latest on ADA, would you share that also? Really appreciated!
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Well, this one did not work
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@ZoltanP, well we couldn't predict A- OKEx resuming withdrawals, B- Russians threatening to regulate wallets AND C- US Threatening to rush through regulations... All within 24h !
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ZekiSoner ZoltanP
nah everyone could have seen that this was just a pump an dump don’t hype things and stay real
ZoltanP ZoltanP
@BlockTechEv @BlockTechEv, Yes. I guess this was the “Black Swan” even people have been expecting. I just did not expect it until mid December. I should have taken a clue from BTC’s double top below ATH.