✴️ XRP Strongest Bearish Period Since Mid-2022

The market moves in cycles, within cycles we have waves...

Without a single drop of doubt, with 100% certainty; The market cycles through bearish and bullish waves.

The market never goes straight down and in turn, it never goes straight up.

Last year we had the bearish cycle and this year we have a bullish cycle and within these cycles we still cycle through down and up.

XRP has been growing/rising/moving up since June 2022, by any and all standards... Let me explain.

In June 2022 XRPUSD hit a multi-year low and after this low all the ensuing action is characterised by higher highs and higher lows, no new lows since this date. This is the bullish phase.

Within this bullish phase we still have waves, up and down, up and down, up and down... In turns. Prices go up and then a correction happens and most of the gains are removed, ending in a higher low before additional growth happens.

We had very strong growth in July, everybody knows why and this is followed by a classic/standard correction ending in a higher low.

This correction marks the strongest bearish period XRPUSD has seen since the bear market climax in mid-2022; Almost two months full red.

Even while dropping straight for two months, we get a very strong short, mid- and long-term higher low and this week we get the first green candle as XRPUSD prepares for a new leg up.

If we compare a similar period in 2022, from March through June, in the same amount of time XRPUSD hits multiple new lows. This is because in the bearish phase you get lower highs and lower lows.

I hope this post makes it all 1,000,000% clear, the Cryptocurrency market bulls are in full control!

As the bulls control the market, prices are always set to continue up.

It doesn't matter the short-term.
It doesn't matter the bad news, the sentiment, the FUD... Everything can come and in the same way it will go... The chart is king, the chart goes first!

What does the chart says?
What is the chart saying today?

XRPUSD is bullish on the weekly (long-term) timeframe.

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