XRPUSD: Price Projections for End of 2021

Hi Everyone! Simply posting price projections for end of 2021. We need to see how high we go for the Near to Mid Term (End of 2020) before we can get a better idea of where we may be heading end of 2021. If cover chart is scrunched up, have a look at the screenshot below.

Comment: UPDATE:

To avoid repeating myself many times; let me elaborate on a common mis-conception. What mis-conception? That future price will determine the WORTH or VALUE of an asset. To the contrary, it's actual WORTH/VALUE will be determined where we find SUPPORT "after" reaching a BUYING CLIMAX.

The "Buying Climax" we are working our way up towards at the end of 2021 is manipulated by large interest to increase their net worth in USD and also increase their holdings in Bitcoin as well as other worth while Alt-Coins for the purpose of long term investment. It is folly (in my opinion) to assume the price we run up to for our "Buying Climax" is the worth or value of the asset WHEN IT REMAINS AT THE BUYING CLIMAX FOR ONLY A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME before falling to find SUPPORT (its actual value) at the bottom of a SELLING CLIMAX after a long period of DISTRIBUTION.

Many here are focused more on the "fundamentals" of a crypto project while I'm personally looking at the price of that project from another perspective. What perspective might that be? "Manipulation" ...and I monitor this manipulation with my indicators all the way up to the "Buying Climax" and thereafter.

EXAMPLE: Look at all the crap coins pumped out of nowhere in 2016 and 2017. The market makers will do it again in 2020 and 2021. Not because they believe in those crap coin projects but because they use them as a means to accumulate more bitcoin and USD. However, some crypto projects are beginning to prove themselves to be a useful "utility." Such as Cardano and ChainLink.

BOTTOM LINE: Do NOT assume the price we run up to at the peak of this bull run (referred to as a Buying Climax) is the actual VALUE of a project. To the contrary, the price we run up to is only a manipulated price by large interest who seek to increase their net worth in USD and other worth while projects in crypto.

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Wow... $35 XRP by '22 - I'm still a newbie but idk about that number. I have some XRP so I'd be happy if it goes that high. But I'm following ADA more closely now because of your previous charts and the potential ADA has over XRP. As always thanks for your TAs - It helps noobs like myself understrand crypto a little bit more each day :)
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WyckoffMode Roid_Rage

Hi Roid Rage,

I'm actually leaning between $7.60 and $17.60 at present... We will know more by August/September, 2021.

I placed the price points on trend lines for you to follow those diagonal trend lines through history. I'm not saying we are going to $35. That would be totally insane to me... I have a hard time seeing that...

Thanks for your support!

Stay Awesome!

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Gaengphed WyckoffMode
@WyckoffMode, Well...on my 23" monitor it's only 18 centimeters from 35 USD lol :-)
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sbahrcrypto Gaengphed
@Gaengphed, lol
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WyckoffMode Gaengphed

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zabalawi55 bafeitelufei
@bafeitelufei mmmm when that's the question
bafeitelufei zabalawi55
@zabalawi55, 2021-11 2121-12
Happy Sunday D! Thank you for these price projections for XRP !!!! Appreciate the hard work. Best- Dan
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Hi DTPace,

Happy Sunday!

You're very welcome, Dan!

I'll try to maintain, Sir!

Stay Awesome!

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