XRPUSD Ripple - Perfect Wyckoff Accumulation, 14$ or 100$

Guys !
The history is repeating the exact same time. We got multiple confirmations for the bull run continuation and the Price Prediction Targets.

What do you think will happen?
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That is not a demand zone man! :D It was touched by a 1minute candle of another whale sell order, that's it. Nothing that would justify calling it a demand zone at this stage.
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You are saying you do this comparison because in the past it gave us the same percentage outcomes. But in the past, there was only one comparable instance. And one instance does not make a pattern. You count this bull run as the second instance that will give the same percentages. But since it did not happen yet, that price target assumption can not be used to predict the same. No upside is confirmed yet as all the tops above 1.5 area are very scattered due and weak price action. We would first have to see a nice consolidation like the one in March, with round bottoms rather than round tops (which we see now). The consolidation still may happen after some strong pullback. But given the crypto market sentiment turning bearish already and not being able to attract new buyers, I don't see it happening. Everybody here says that when BTC starts weakening, money flows into altcoins and that is when XRP will fly. Based on what? If you take a good look at the last crypto bull run, when BTC started going sideways, altcoins' rise went more vertical. This is exactly what we saw in the past few weeks/months. But when BTC started crashing, altcoins crashed at the same time, there was no delay. In fact, XRP crashed a full one day earlier before BTC started crashing. It is all in the charts.
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wow really enjoy thanks for sharing
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nice view, i think xrp definitely goes above 12$ maybe near 30-40$ but not 100$, Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for your hard work
great analysis mate
Gut analysiert!
Keep up the good work! good analysis!