Will XRP make a decisive move before the end of the year?

XRP has been in a descending triangle for the entirety of 2018 and 2019, one where we are rapidly approaching the apex and the potential for a big move.

The argument for a big break upward towards $1:
  • At Swell, Ripple confirmed it now has over 300 customers.
  • Though only a small number of those are using On-Demand Liquidity ( ODL ), growth is definitely there, but it's a slow burner.
  • In the long run, once XRP/ ODL is in widespread usage, a higher valued XRP will mean a 0.1% value fluctuation in the few seconds it takes for a transaction to complete will have far less impact than if XRP is only a few cents each. It's not essential, but a $100 XRP provides less potential slippage than a 1c XRP.

The argument for a break back down towards 15c (possibly even 10c):
  • Ripple owns 60% of XRP in escrow and releases one billion XRP each month for sale “to grow the team, business and ecosystem” which obviously suppresses the price massively (despite the fact that often a lot is not sold and placed back into Escrow at the back of the queue).
  • At the current rate, it is estimated that it will take 225 months (18 years and 9 months) for the final selling of XRP from escrow to finish.
  • The weekly Stochastic RSI is carrying a lot of momentum to the downside - easily enough to take us to 10c (though I have my doubts that Ripple would allow XRP to go below that).
  • Personally I'm quite bearish on BTC for the next few months and XRP is not yet decoupled from Bitcoin , so if one goes down the other will too.

With so much mid-term uncertainly, this could also just result in XRP staying around the current range of 20-30c for far longer. Which way do you see XRP moving in 2020?

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