☀️ XRP What's Up ☀️

⚡️Quick TA per usual, XRP found that support at 0.417 before pushing up as it already has. We're basically coming up on that resistance point at 0.44 on the minute chart and what happens should help set a few things for us as to whether or not we can continue this move up or face that resistance and fail the test that's upcoming. If so we will want to watch 0.417 should we get to retesting that. Here's the minute chart below as well:

⚡️Says just about enough itself to show what's up and as you already know, these markings have been here and I like to keep my markings still as they do pretty well with giving a hint and helping with determining price action and cases, can always press play on this button and it should show what happens with time as always. We already see how we entered that 200
EMA and that's caused this move up, now what'll matter is whether or not we hold and keep it or lose it and quite possibly risk another leg down which isn't too out of the equation just yet considering how dramatic our wave up basically was so simply be aware of our scenario's. The EMA's will definitely be something to watch as always and that 0.44 mark.

Also here's a quick temporary channel chart that's definitely gonna be useful. So mark this yourselves.

⚡️Leaving the idea here for now but if you'd like to leave a like or follow it'd be much appreciated, just offering what I see and my take on things as per usual, and none of this is financial advice, just a simple Rock's take on the market and movements as it may see. If you'd like to leave a like or follow it'd be much appreciated, wishing nothing but the best.

~ Rock '


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