XRP Will Change The World

Fear not XRP army! XRP has been in a massive uptrend channel it's entire life! So many people out there in the crypto community have negative opinions towards XRP, but here's what it boils down to. Despite what you may think, cryptocurrencies aren't going to destroy governments' and banks' monopoly on money. Banks and governments are going to adapt and they're going to maintain control. I've said that so many times, and it's true. XRP is practically the only cryptocurrency, which has been working with banks, regulators, and government officials since day one. Also, every day, more and more banks are turning to Ripple and XRP. People say "XRP is a bankers coin." So what? What is that money in your pocket? It's money that was created by banks. The notion that governments and banks are going to allow cryptocurrencies to totally destroy their control of money in the world, is beyond unlikely. On the other hand, I think it is far more likely that they will merge into this space. THEY WILL ADAPT. In a world where banks and governments adopt cryptocurrencies, who is first in line? X—R—P

There is a reason why it has the third highest market cap in the space. There's a reason why it has held that spot like a boss, completely unchallenged. In my eyes, the fact that so many people hate XRP, is one of the most attractive things about it right now.

Everyone is so focused on the current price. They're glued to the price action. "XRP isn't moving!" "Bitcoin went up but not XRP!!!" They're all so fixated on price, because that's all they know. Probably a very small fraction of people in this space have the discipline to even do an hour of research a week, which is nothing. Yet, the majority of those people are the ones who talk the most trash.

I love Bitcoin . I really do. But how is that Lightning Network coming along? Oh what? It sucks? Well guess what? You can send BTC on the XRP ledger instantly! Oh yeah, and you can avoid those hefty BTC fees too. That's not even a sliver of the capability of XRP. I still own Bitcoin , but XRP is something very special.

Technically, there is a real path to XRP prices well over $100, and even $200, as you can see on the chart. What we need to watch for though, is a confirmation of support on the bottom of the channel, sometime later this year. If we see a big bounce there, it's game over. XRP is gonna rip the naysayers faces off, as it warps space-time and blasts into another dimension.

I'm The Master of The Charts, The Professor, The Legend, The King, and I go by the name of Magic! Au revoir.

***This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.***

Aug 04
Comment: People don't understand how XRP could have a $100 or $200 valuation. They say it's market cap would be way too high, but banks move hundreds of trillions in capital on a regular basis. If XRP captures just a fraction of that value, by being implemented by banks as a cross border payment vehicle worldwide, it could easily have a multi-trillion dollar market cap. I don't know why that's so hard for people to understand. It's probably because 1/1,000 actually do any research.
Aug 05
Comment: Here is a more grounded, short-term look at XRP...


You do know that those banks moving multi trillions of dollars can do it over the ripple network without using the XRP token right? Meaning there is NO additional demand for the XRP token other than current speculation.
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kardia Rogue7
@Rogue7, that they can do that or that they will do that remains to be seen. And even if they do, it doesn't necessarily mean it will always make sense for them to do so.
+3 Reply
Rogue7 kardia
@kardia, they’re already doing it.
+2 Reply
kardia Rogue7
@Rogue7, I don't doubt that. But will they keep doing it? I trade for Forex market. The major currencies aren't doing too well. If the monetary system changes due to a collapse, perhaps their method of utilizing Ripple's technology will change. Maybe XRP will become the new global currency. Have you considered that?
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@Rogue7, basically because the banking regulations won’t let them use XRP. However, now that you have money gram as a customer with no regulations holding it back, you will start to see banks use money gram as a customer hence using XRP. Please educate yourself a little bit more.

Besides banks are starting to try out xRapid!!
Zayjon Rogue7
@Rogue7, but it is cheaper an fast to use XRP. Especially when exchanging between currencies
+2 Reply
@Rogue7, you act like a child, I can see that you never done any research and just repeat what ur friends say. Xrapid is the network they use and XRP is the coin they invest with. so if Xrapid and moneygram work together XRP will be worth so much money your btc will be worth nothing compared to that
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Rogue7 patrickfx
@patrickfx, Oh dear, you really don't get it do you? Firstly, do you know how much Moneygram charges to transfer $10,000? $390 or 3.9%. Do you really see a bank paying a third party 3.9% to transfer money? Secondly, Moneygram is in serious debt. Lastly, if you just used that little bit of grey between your ears, you would figure out that money sent via the xRapid creates almost no demand. If someone buys $10,000 of XRP, then sends it to say England and sells it there, almost instantly, then there has been a buy of $10,000 worth of ripple and an almost instant sell of $10,000 worth of ripple. When XRP is used as a remittance based 'bridge' the buy and sell happen almost simultaneously - thus every XRP demanded or bought is countered by an equal sell simultaneously. A token/coin's price only increases when supply exceeds demand. If I buy $100 Million of XRP and sell $100 million of ‘XRP simultaneously, what has happened to the supply of XRP? Nada, nothing, zip. I'd go and research the basics of supply and demand you ignorant tool. But no, you won't, you'll come back with some bullshit reply, because rather than understanding a coin/product, you prefer to listen only to arguments that confirm your bias.
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@Rogue7, wow u are so stupid hahaha, so u say; i buy 10000xrp and sell 10000xrp, WHICH CREATES VOLUME AND DEMAND, and u say there is no demand. looool
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