XRPUSD | Buy Long | price has broken the trend!

In my novice analysis I have concluded that because of the extreme high we saw in this pair at 2.6 previously and then the extremes of consolidating lows around .14103 there is anticipation for a bull run.

•the price has broken the trend line creating higher lows on the weekly and daily

<b> •price has been consolidating for an extended period of time after a huge draw down, strong buy opportunity with clean entry

•SL has been placed at last most recent low

•TP1 & Tp2 are in the next zones above <b\>
With possibly more to gain

I am watching what price does at .28863 and then will take an entry if applicable.

Please feel free to post your analysis or critiques and opinions ...I’m open to what others are seeing on this chart! Anything helps! GLGT