Interesting corrective pattern spotted here..

Resistances less severe with every trend line , and once broken, seeing lower highs every time and lower lows.

Every time the resistance trend line is broken, the price increases by a minimum of 120%.

Clear support levels at $0.25 and $0.15. Will we see ripple re-enter the pre consolidation prices in this range, making newer lows and then breaking out again. This seems like a possibility with such a bearish sentiment surrounding the Cryptosphere.

Target 1 - $0.25
Target 2 - $0.15

Rebound - $0.30++++
Comment: We've hit the blue box at around $0.28, which is a good start, we've seen a decent reaction to over $0.30. Now we see how far up it can go, and whether this support will hold, or we break below into the $0.15-0.25 range again.