Here's Why I'm So Bullish On XRP

I use three trend analysis systems here...

SYSTEM #1: EMAS (8-21-89)
- On the weekly timeframe the short-term averages have crossed up
- XRP has also spent time on the lows, sucking in the RSI to the 50 level and holding... building up pressure to attack the highs

SYSTEM #2: Stop-And-Reverse Combos
- Triggered long on the weekly and daily time frames
- The story going on right now with the SEC and the slack messages... is a lot of noise

SYSTEM #3: Relative Trend Strength
- https://snipboard.io/7xjlb6.jpg
- I create this relative strength scorecard... basically it ranks a basket of top coins by cap in terms of their relative trend strength to everything else.
- I allocate capital to strongest and aim to always be in the top performers. And XRP has been building strength recently.

Trend is your friend - good luck!

Trade closed: stop reached: Stop-and-reverse system has me out of this now:

Will be waiting for a signal to re-enter this idea at a later point.