Even my 4 year old daughter could figure what happens next on this chart. A BIG RED CANDLE enters and destroys everyone short positions.

People shorting XRP is at an ATH!!!! CRAZY if you ask me! Yes we had a "healthy" and scary "CORRECTION but we have V bottomed perfectly on the FIB retracement level.

Have people have lost faith in XRP and are shorting it to go even lower?

We all know what happens to the masses! They get burnt. I would be changing those leverage SHORT SELL ORDERS TO LONGS FOLKS....

If your shorting XRP let me know. Would be interesting to see why

Ripple are about to break some massive news in the next week and people are shorting XRP = CRAZY!


Oh wow this is looking ready for a massive short squeeze, indeed.
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@CryptoHoard should add to the speed of the 🚀
doesn't the chart represent the amount of short positions open? so, as the chart rises it's saying more shorts are in play, and as it falls it's representing the value of short positions decreasing. So a red candle showing up in the chart isn't what wipes out shorts, it's just showing shorts closing positions. Am I wrong here? I can't find any documentation on the chart to actually explain it.
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AdonisB fiftyghoststrading
@fiftyghoststrading yes I think your right. None of the shorts were actually liquidated they were just closed. The price didn’t budge when the -86% daily candle appeared
why 45 mil$ of short matter? daily volume is billion
@dzux sorry not sure what you mean?
their only 45 mil of short position against the daily volume about 1 billion or so (that what I mean)
But I got your points now, those short squeze like a fuel when they decide to made the xrp up
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A the same time longs are on the all time low. This is the perfect storm for XRP to produce a massive spike and slaughter all the pigs (masses who short).
AdonisB pennywise_the_sage
@pennywise_the_sage, I agree - that + fake SEC case should have a settlement end of month. TICK TOCK holding strong
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