XRP/USDT 1DInterval Chart

I invite you to review the chart of XRP in pair with USDT, on a one-day time frame. Let's start by identifying the main upward trend in which the price is moving. However, since the last bull market, it is clear that we managed to come out on top from the downward trend line, and currently we are moving in a triangle and we can see here the fight against the upper limit and that we are getting closer to leaving the triangle.

Looking at a possible exit from the triangle upwards, we will use the Fib Retracement tool, thanks to which we can see a very important resistance at the level of $0.93, from which the price bounced during the last upward movement, then we may have an upward movement to the level of $1.33.

Looking the other way, we see that the price has remained at the support level of $0.53, but if the price goes below the indicated support, the next support is at $0.42, and the third support is at $0.29.

When we turn on EMA Cross 50 and 200, we can see a downward trend, but there is a visible movement of the yellow line EMA Cross 50, which begins to reverse, which may give an upward trend again.

The RSI indicator shows that there is still room for continued growth, while the STOCH indicator shows a movement that is approaching the upper limit, and when it exceeds it, it is worth being cautious in case of a correction.