Bottom trend line holding. Bullish divergence . Expect a higher low to be made forming a minor wave 1,2 (or an 'inverse head & shoulders') breaking out of this wedge within the coming week or so.
Comment: On the lower time frames there appears to be a 'double bottom' on the RSI + an even shorter term bullish divergence.

Comment: Adjusted bottom trend line. Xrp never broke down with much vigour, hence why my lower trend line was slightly off.
Would like to see a big break out of the top trend line soon though.

Comment: Taking a look at the wave count and fibonacci levels.


Lol no, they stopped trading it on coinbase so what do you expect lmao
thekevin karimbelfort101
@karimbelfort101, I was aware that Tradingview was a tool for TECHNICAL analysis and not FUNDAMENTAL analysis.

"Show me the charts and I'll tell you the news."
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@thekevin, 1st your charting actually didn't work as you can see it just got even deeper down.
And no, we have to take care of the news as well. even Tradingview got a news tab on the right tab.

by the way: They will delist the coin from the other exchanges as well and the volume will significantly drop. people are just gonna be selling it to move on.
thekevin karimbelfort101
@karimbelfort101, "Didn't work"? There has not yet been a convincing break down of the wedge I posted. Sure the lines could be connected by wicks and not candles. You would expect this wedge to have broken underneath by now by a factor of it's own height. It's still holding the .883 fibonacci level (therefore this is still a 'macro' wave 1,2 until the 1.0 line is broken). Bullish divergences racking up on all time frames. If you would like to do some "fundamental analysis" you would see that the largest XRP wallets are currently buying. Every seller has a buyer on the opposite side.

Why don't you post your analysis instead of acting like a faceless troll.