TAP bottomed and ready to go

BITTREX:XTPBTC   Tap / Bitcoin
Its been a rough ride for tapbtc since its inception, XTP has bled from over 1000 sats to the very bottom at 2 sats .

This is the ideal buy zone for the following reasons:
1) RSI divergence having just broken below for the first time in a long time, every time this has happened it is followed by a pump, note where i point these areas out on the graph.
2) Its literally at the bottom
3) Note the significant uptick in accumulation distribution (bottom graph)
4) You will also notice that volume has also spiked (orange line)

Pretty easy buy and hodl, its at the bottom, i've loaded my bags, have you?
Let me know your thoughts and send me a like/follow if you like this idea!
Happy trading and good luck!


We’ve done 200% already since calling the bottom at 2 sats a few days ago. Sitting on 6 currently and there’s a LONG way left to go, hop on and buckle up
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bossman , this thing stuck between 5-6 sats....