XTZ/BTC found it's bottom, and I'm going to slap it here

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BINANCE:XTZBTC   Tezos / Bitcoin
As the title suggests we are at "optimal entry", we don't buy tops. We like to start with the bottoms (if you get my drift) Innuendo aside for the new bloods among us (of which there are many) :

1. Don't ape in with a single bid, take it slow and average into the position with bids on the green line (if there is a break of the trend line consider setting a SL at 580)
2. Wait for price to come to you, not vice versa
3. Use common sense, don't ever "play" with money you can't afford to lose and preferably only a percentage of said money so that you don't get "stuck" and can't put your money to work elsewhere.

TA Reasons for pulling the trigger on this trade:

1. Price action is stepping upwards
2. Volume is starting to come in
3. Price projections are "conservative" TP's are all within previous ATH

My ethos at the onset is best described by the following acronym K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid) I use this mantra to ground myself, because nobody "outsmarts" the markets, even the legends only had a big brain understanding of them, you will always be the student. Make peace with that fact. Also I'll be sticking with simple charts that show my analysis of assets and won't be cluttering with the indicators I'm using, I'm not an educator. There are many other education channels here on TV and great senpai's curating them. If most of what I said above doesn't make sense, my advice is don't put your hard earned money in (and most importantly none of this is financial advice!, don't come crying and moaning at me if/when you lost your lunch money)

And with that ladies and gents, always K.I.S.S before you get F'd
Have some bids ready and waiting to pounce on that horizontal and some wick catchers on the trending one.
Congrats to anyone who took this trade, first target hit. We'll probably pull back a bit here now.
Keeping an eye open for entries


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