It is better to upload above the yellow zone, but this is at your discretion... You can also find an entry point at the current price

XTZ is located in a channel that everyone clearly sees, let's assume that a rebound occurs, then:
1. we have a minimum global goal of about 180% growth.
2. There are local areas/zones that will be possible serious resistances and local targets. It depends on how you trade, withdraw profit in parts as you move, or is traded from zone to zone.
3. Blue dotted line - less strong, intermediate resistances between zones, but also significant possible intermediate goals.
4. When the historical maximum is broken and the assumption is that this channel was part of the first wave, the correction is -2 wave, that is, an increase to 11-14.... But this is too far away, I would not think about it seriously.
Trade closed: target reached