XTZ potential for 3 digits after years of accumulation

Tezos XTZ has been in accumulation mode for nearly 3 years since launch. From a bull market perspective, it never really pumped. Its volatility was very tiny compared to many other ALTs in this cycle. The only explanation is that XTZ's run is yet to come.
The price was restrained in a logarithmic channel for 2 years. This is quite common for an ALT before it starts a parabolic move, like BNB.
First it will break the previous all-time high of 8.4 USD, then challenge the upper band of channel (10.5-12 USD). In the final hype it may have another 3-5x in several weeks.
The volume is picking up recently. Its fundamentals are growing solid. And perfect Cup&handle and H$S patterns and are about to be completed. Two engulfing bullish candle say it's the time.