XVG BTC Beyond technical analysis + 10 fact's about Verge !

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Hello everyone and welcome to check beyond technical analysis =)

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1. Verge was first launched in 2014 as DogeCoinDark but it had nothing to do with Dogecoin apart from sharing Doge in name, and lots of people do compare those two and think that Verge is a fork from Dogecoin which is a false information !
2. Verge is open-source project and everyone can view code and importantly improve it, help develop.
3. Verge isn't dead as some people say, it has a huge community of hundreds thousand people.
4. Verge has one of lowest fees to send and on top of that verge is very fast around 30-60 seconds.
5. Verge is offered on over 20 different exchanges.
6. Verge has limited supply with 99.3% already in circulation !
7. Verge has variety of very good operating wallets for different platforms inc. iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS.
8. Verge has strategic alliance with companies like Voice-Life. And other to come.
9. Verge is being accepted on +18 websites and 120+ other vendors.
10. Verge price has raised 1700+ % over 1 year (from 03.04.2020). Compared to XRP which only raised 270%, BTC 870%, ETH 1500%. This just shows how strong Verge really is.