XVGUSD (Verge) 2 1/2 year downtrend has bottomed - ready to SEND

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Chart shows it all.


Verge is still trending on coinmarket cap, people are interesting in this coin. It will be huge
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SendItSeason sunnyfierro
@sunnyfierro, I’m still unsure what this trending thing is. Like how is it trending and if so, why is price barely moving haha. Not sure what the significance is
sunnyfierro SendItSeason
@SendItSeason, andre kostolany is telling about it in his book geld und borse ( money and exchange) on page 56. If market is growing with small volumes, its extremly good. Just buy, sit and watch. Do You know some of his books? What are your favoirite book with this topic?
pornhub banned mastercard / visa. Is crypto verge only option ?
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SendItSeason ahmetnmsl
@ahmetnmsl, nah it’s prob ded. Exchanges removing privacy coins lately. Any gov regulation to ban them say bye bye. Xvg will prob now pump
ahmetnmsl SendItSeason
@SendItSeason, You cant kill something by just banning it .. This could cause a reaction.
xvg is among shit coins like xrp, dodge, trx
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SendItSeason DukeDinhd6
@DukeDinhd6 yup but u can’t argue the massive pumps sir
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Sai17 DukeDinhd6
@DukeDinhd6, That's not true