NYSE:YALA   Yalla Group Limited
Technically interesting trade. The formed classical H&S had all the chances of being broken, and it happened because there was a strong anti-pattern. After that, the reverse H&S was formed, and yesterday his neck was breakout, and at the same time the right shoulder of the classic H&S was breakout, which is considered a strong signal to the long - there are a lot of stop orders at the top of those illiterate who tried to short the classic H&S without seeing the anti-pattern. The target of the expected growth is $ 37, + 35%, and there are high chances of going over the historical highs, fundamentally the paper is excellent.
Trade active: Formally, the entry model is broken - the price went below the level of the right shoulder of the reverse H&S. I had short puts sold, I stay in position, wait for the options to collapse (get theta). If there is a negative development of the price, I fix the position.
Trade active: I'm still in position


Beautiful Chart .. Bearish Bat Harmonic, im predicting a $38 Target.. we're in sync .. cheers